Footed Pajamas

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Boys Footed Pajamas

Boys Footed Pajamas 

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Toddler and Older Boys Footed Pajamas 

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Boys Footed Pajamas

Boys Footed Pajama Sizes

If your boy needs bigger sizes, start looking for boys footed pajamas towards the top of the page first. Younger boys footed pajamas tend to be towards the bottom of the page.  If you do not find the boys footed pajamas you are looking for, check the adult footed pajamas section or even the girls footed pajamas for girls. Some footed pajama styles are made to fit a range of sizes and some girl sizes are gender neutral (for example light blue or yellow footed pajamas).

Also consider matching footed pajamas for the family. Boys love footed pajamas when mom, dad and the rest of the family are wearing them too.

Your boy will LOVE his footed pajamas!

Who says that big boys don't wear footed pajamas? Remind your boy of all of the celebrities who wear footed pajamas. As you can see in our videos of celebrities in footed pajamas Gene Simmons from Kiss wears footed pajamas (YouTube the "Family Jewels" episode "Ladies of the Night)". The Family Guy wears footed pajamas (YouTube the "Electric Man" episode) and even Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" wears footed pajamas. Your boy will love his footed pajamas.

Adult Footed Pajamas

After shopping for your boys footed pajamas, why not look at footed pajamas for yourself and the rest of the family? See the adult footed pajamas section of this website.